Quick space note.

With the messenger probe finally getting back some nice shots of mercury, and the only roving rover on mars trekking off for a big crater AND the Kepler team releasing an ever increasing amount of possible planetary finds, it is an odd feeling that the last shuttle launch is but weeks away. The number of private companies already aware of the void stepping up their efforts at space commercialism is encouraging. With luck I will be back on this blog in a few days with some links to some of this. In the meantime, let’s all hope for a grand mission from the last shuttle crew.

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loose ends from 2010

I have quite a few notes from 2010 that need to be noted!!…mostly for my reference..


gotta remember to get back over there for some posts….

My cousins daughter in spain has another cool you tube video that I simply must get a link published to somewhere so I will post it here for now…

Hello family;
This is a video by Cristina playing piano. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8I-S3vrctk
Great hubs for all of you;
Pachy, Antonio & Cristina

And to kep it all on an even keel, my cousin Cristopher has just published a new album and you can get it at..

Don’t forget to check out the Chris Colby facebook page!!!

The first link allows you to listen to the album for FREE!!!   woot  woot!!


If you like what you hear:  You can download from Cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon.com  USA and UK.  






…man I hate facebook, so if you find me on face book it is ok to friend me but understand that i diss the page more than stuff green peppers…


I gotta remember to try and log in every ninty days…what a pain but they are a great way for me to test code for free!!

http://all4webs.com/r/8/raysmith/   I must have about 150 odd pages floating around but for some reason I have this one demarked for update…I wonder why…after all I got the geekswithblogs marked as a higher priority and even have a draft projet for it…who knows why people with bazillions of unconnected nuerons do anything anyways…

also, notable, 2011 is listed as a year to make progress in linking the AI project to the MV project (artificial intelligence to machine vision)…ya, lets see how that goes…probably be better off hacking a kinect…the carry over physics project this year is to keep following the trend I established a few years back and up the atomic number of superconductivety that my alogarithm is predicting succesfully, but to keep as much of that research of google search as possible!!  after all we well passed boron now and, dare i say, I can see bismuth being tamed by the alogarithm before the end of the year!!yea. 

tilaunchpadwiki….can’t forget that!! and a personal note on fusion….does nuetron density increase heat conduction??…so with out looking back (grand funk railroad) we moving forward…MVC on the exoplanets page is the mantra…god I hope the idiots stay out of the way……

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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new page to replace the jabry page..

well more for my reference, this page will replace the jabry page!!
remind me to put some content there….the exoplanet database will most likely go else wehre…something more asp.net like…..
ray smith
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wanted to post some astro pics but jabry has been down for about a day

Sadly, my page over at jabry has been down for about a day now!!…I was able to hit it off the google cache but that is not helping….It is not the first time I have seen this with these free servers but right now it seems a lot of free website servers are having sparodic outages, let alone disappering off the face of the earth!!…my two cents on all this is that there is a push on by the overly big web commercial web sites to kill off all the small free sites….I suppose it occured to them that any competition is unacceptable.  That is sadest of all.  Perhaps not from your perspective, but from mine, the last decade has seen a decided favoritism shown to big biz of all types and a thorough disdain of smaller entities….the sinking of geocities was a master blaster move into clearing the web of all that individualistic thought, uncontrolled and untempered……that is an aweful thing to do…..and slamming it all under the facebook database for halliburton is even worse!!…anyways if jabry can’t get up and running again soon I will have to bite the bullet and start posting adds myself on my own url….it was so easy to let google et all do it for me…..hehe….and of course  facebook can go to hell, he really thought the information he would collect was more valuable than it really was, that is the real laugh….so hold tight, thankfully the exlplanet database is still in the works yet and not deployed, things like that are just hell to migrate….
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AR1081 qrm

did you think it was hot today??…you betcha….
M and C class flares were thrown from the sun today!!…(06/12/10)
AR1081 is alive!!…listen to a recording http://www.heliotown.com/Sr20100612_0054UTM2Ashcraft2824.mp3 , or just go here to watch the movie http://spaceweather.com/   …west coast hams picked up the noise on 28 and 24 MHZ!!
The call is out for amature astronomers et all with a solar scope to watch for more FLARES!!…..if you don’t know what a solar scope is…DO NOT POINT SCOPES AT THE SUN AND LOOK THROUGH THEM!!!…there is a better method, and easier….put on some shades,do not look throught the scope, instead have the scope project an image on a black piece of  paper….THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD WILL BE AWAY FROM THE SUN!!!…remember the eyeglasses and don’t look at the projected image for prolonged periods…..
BUT…if you got a 28 mhz parabolic dish…point that at the sun..(editor:…don’t listen to him, pointing parabolas at the sun is not an intelligent thing to do)…okay, so the editor cut me short…you can bet there will be more qrm all over the place….if you got the time, listen and log it!!…the fun is about to begin, so get the sunglasses, the sun tan oil, the sun blocker lotion and the headphones (and the 28 mhz J-pole, if ya got one)….send your best sunned impressions to me…  raysmithequip@hotmail.com  impressions will be judged for best contrast between sunlines of glasses and headphones…….(editor: don’t listen to him, there is no contest for sunburns, just shield yourself and your radios from the sun).
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Space pioneers fight policy Alan Boyles Cosmic Log…May 12, 2010

Hey!!…my post made it past the scrutinizers once again!!
Small success but that is nowhere near as important as the issue at hand.  The countdown is on for the 3rd to last shuttle launch as I write this.  Later today the shuttle will launch.  I will get out the tracker program and over the next several days try to spot it fly by my qth overhead, as I have done so many times before, I had always wanted to make a shuttle qsl with my meager ham station but that looks like it will not happen, another dashed dream thanks to the Obama Administration.  I Can’t blame this on Bush, he is history….now I can’t wait till Obama is gone too.  I guess he can’t wait till the shuttles are gone.  This is all a sad episode in American History and makes the teapot dome scandal look like a hiccup….here is the link to the article, you should read all the posts, everone is entitled to their opion.  Personally I will consider the opinions of those that have actally been there over those with there hands in our pockets for their own progeny.  Here is the text of my post:
I am thankful the astronauts have spoken up, we need not fear opposing our legislators, George Washington himself recognized that controversy would help keep the nation on track…..WHEN WE HAVE A MOONBASE we will be unable to fathom a period when it’s viability was a contentious moment of hesitation…imagine no Hawaii or no Alaska!!!…What if we never sent Lewis and Clark out, or turned down the lousiana purchase or told goddard that we were not interested or told P. lowell to build his mirror somewhere else, or…..yea that could go on and on..but america with out a moon base is worse than america without a space program…..bad move mister president….very bad move indeed….
and here is the actual link:
Well I have more to say on this but time is short.  America is failing, We are the last ones left from kennedys dream, WE MUST DO SOMETHING!!! I have several avenues of action but my immediate plan is to vote all incumbents out…..Oh why oh why did the democratic party ever deny the residents of michigan and florida The constitutional right to have their vote counted equally……maybe in Obamba’s book he forgot to mention just who he was snorting that cocaine with!!…some names might have clarified some of his current objectives.
ray smith
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neupulsion and a cheap version of the uss enterprise (from my tapten post)

Earlier today, I think I may have coined a new term and thought I would post it HERE first!!!
Neupulsion.  the act of acquiring a propulsive force via the neutron-neutron repulsive property of neutrons.
If anyone esle can find a prior use of this term…go ahead and post it here.  Not that a google search is mutually inclusive or by anymeans a totality, but, as of right now (05/09/10 01:10:00) google thinks I misspelled Repulsion….I got news for them eh bro’s!!!
Now at least this post will turn up, and soon more!!..I am slow getting stuff like this onto my blogs and worse at updating my websites so hang tight I will eventually get it done.
WHY? you might ask?
well, google neutron repulsion for yourselves and see the light (pun intended)…this aint new and it really is not rocket science (although I plan to make it rocket science…hint,hint)…in fact the idea that neutrons have a mutual repulsion may have many reprecusions in how we derive energy, view the universe, AND manipulate space-time!!.
For now I am sticking to the derive energy part of the equation, but you may have already of heard the rumblings that BLACK HOLES ARE NOT!!…instead they might be neutron stars!!…there is already at least ONE confirmed case where a neutron star was found where a black hole was expected…..the whole thing might do more than just cast hawking radiation in a bad light (more silly puns)…it may upend a whole view of the universe…but like I said, the real importance is the energy derivation potential.  Keep googling!!!
For the last year I have been looking at different schemes at powereing an enterprise type of craft….well freinds and enemies….I think this is it.
did he say enterprise?…ya man, he said that.
While we wait for ray to modify a farnsworth design (this could take a while), we might start looking at some simpler models….anyone want to hear a down and dirty simple concept on low cost earth to orbit??? (it is a bit half baked but par for this board)….the proposed craft does in fact resemble the enterprise but sorry no warp, no replicators, no transporters,no photon torpedoes, no commander data (or even r2d2(yet)),no antigrav, no, not even nuetron power or nuclear anything….just a squashed 1000 foot balloon, two chemical rockets that turn into big ass electromagnets (and where do you think they are located?) some command and control electronics and TADA…..are you guys ready yet??? or are you gonna sell it to ballmer and company, or bigelow….if you do that will POSITIVLY tick me off…but I posted it here so you can help run with it or tear the idea to shreds if that is you wish. 
Think about it.  ballon floats as high as possible.  rockets kick in (balloon is saucer because normal sphere would have more air resistance)rockets just barely clear gravity field, momentum maintains acceleration while elctromags kick in (yes like they guy that keeps posting about the only experimental data ON THIS SITE..hear that mikolos?)…form there on out it electromagnets and vasimir impulse enginges.
The idea needs work.  Outer shell does not really have to expand, I have not even considered where the batts are to be, I have decided that thermoelectrics will be one of many power generators, all incorporated via dual and terciary use parameters. 
wanna build the enterprise or wanna tear down yet another concept?
I need a team if I want to win the google prize of 1 million cheap ass american dollars for getting 1 megapixels of picture data off the moon’s surface (other requirements apparently apply…but who is really reading this anyways).
ray smith
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Ray Cressler got some press!!

My nephew Ray Cressler Got some press!!  Recently he walked the entire appalachain trail.  Now the Sentinel Has published one of his accounts of the venture.
You can find them here in  a series of 4 part articles….
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New free web page for rays smith equipment

new free web page for me as of 01.11.10.  gotta like free!!
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